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Presentations and Posters

Linking Systemic Practice and Research
Presentations of the first “European Conference on Systemic Research in Therapy, Education and Organizational Development”
Heidelberg, Germany, March 6-8, 2014

Here you find all conference publications that have been made available by their authors.

This conference in Heidelberg has a long-standing tradition since 1998. In a biannual rhythm, it is organized since 2004. Previous conferences were conducted in German language only, but often enriched by invited speakers from USA, UK or China.

In 2014, for the first time the conference had an all-European format. More than 300 participants from 23 countries joined – approx. 150 from the German-speaking countries and 150 from other nations. A great number of them came from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Greece – but small numbers of colleagues also came from smaller countries like Malta, Macedonia or Estonia.

The conference was organized by the Institute of Medical Psychology of Heidelberg University Hospital, directed by Jochen Schweitzer and Matthias Ochs and administrated by Ibolya Kurucz and Susanne Richter. Primary institutional partners were the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA), the German Society for Systemic Therapy, Consultation and Family Therapy (DGSF), the Systemic Society (SG), and the Helm Stierlin Training Institute, Heidelberg. The German Research Council (DFG), the Heidehof Foundation Stuttgart, DGSF and SG supported the conference financially.

How do social systems (like couples, families, neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, family businesses and others) change from phases of stability to phases of crises and back? How can they be consulted to in times of crises? How can all this be investigated appropriately using an appropriate mix of qualitative and/ or quantitative research methods? These were the core questions of the conference.

The conference united researchers and practicioners with a broad range of interests – from systemic individual, couple, family, group, multifamily and multisystemic therapy to organizational development in schools, hospitals and family businesses. There were six plenary lectures, 24 symposia, 14 workshops, three poster sessions. The closing plenary discussed the methods, topics and research networks that seem most promising for the next ten years.

We are discussing ways to continue the all European Exchange that has started on this conference.




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